Shake your tail feathers 


One of my favorite childhood memories was Bailey’s day. That was when the white van would come by and pick each of us girls up to take us to our dance class. I can’t help but smile so big when I think about this. 

The familiar honk and then grabbing my little bag, saying bye to my mom, and running out the door. Riding in that white little van with the rest of those girls was one of my favorite parts of the day. There were windows all around the van and I remember as we drove down Warner we would pass by this huge abandoned looking house. We would all move away from the window closest to the side of the street facing the house and we would whisper that it was haunted. I always believed it was. The house is still there and I giggle silently whenever I drive by it and remember my silly young girl moments. 

I was never the star of the show at dance or the countless shows and completions we had, but I sure did love it and have a passion for all the moments I was on stage. 

When I see a dance show, a ballet performance, anything with dance, I secretly dream of what it may be like to be on that stage, I let myself fantasize that I am that girl twirling around or flying through the air. 

Growing up I would blast my favorite songs on the radio and belt out the lyrics and let the music take over each of my movements. That was me up until the very last day that I lived with my mom. I secretly love and beam within when she tells me that the thing she missed most of the day I moved out is that she would no longer see me dancing all around the house and singing to my music. 

I watch my daughter dance around now and I smile and think, you are so me. And I want to just pick her up and swing her around when I see her lost in that dance happiness. 

I’m no professional dancer but that entire quote from Rhee Gold holds all truth for me. I love dance. I see the art in it and I understand what Gold means about the music grabbing hold of you and filling you so completely. I have felt that. 

I would love to be on stage again one day. 


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