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I am neither behind or ahead

Comparison is such a thief of joy. 

I sometimes fall into that habit of seeing others in a different season of life, one that looks so nice from where I’m standing, and I long to be there. 

Especially when it comes to parenting stages. 

I have friends with kids older than ours and some with kids younger than ours. I know for sure I don’t want to be back in those earlier stages because I’ve been through them and came out on the other end and know what that season was like. 
But as I look at my chapter compared to others, friends with pre-teen kids, teenage kids, kids in college, I sort of long to be in that chapter. Because I think of the free time their season may come with. 

As I sit there and long and compare I realize those thoughts are thieves of the present. And I have to remind myself that one day the diapers will disappear, I won’t be chasing after tiny running feet, or be the center of my child’s attention and love like they desire for me to be so many times now…my diaper bag will be gone. 

And so I try and remind myself to enjoy my chapter and soak in every beautiful, messy, and crazy moment. 


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