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Motherhood: When your toddler gets a bit Godzilla

Elysse, our 18 month old, is teething. This has been her on and off all week: 

Fire spitting Godzilla. Destroying anything in sight. Okay well actually just completely depleting any ounce of strength that I have as a human adult. 

This is pretty much how I finished the week:

Our girl has been screaming bloody murder for her dad when he’s not home. She will call out for me and as soon as I approach her, it’s like I’m lighting a fire. She begins to scream and cry out “no, no, no!!!” 

Today as she stood screaming near the from door I broke down in tears in the bathroom. And I had the worst thought, doubting my ability as a mother to soothe my child and wondering why on earth I decided to have kids. And as my cry softened into a soft sob I began to feel better. Because sometimes all you need is a good cry. 

I love my girls and I feel so blessed to have them in my life, that I get to be their mom. I am human though and I have my breaking point and I know that doesn’t make me a bad mom. It just makes me an honest one. 


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