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Motherhood: Chosen for them 

Last night Celeste and I had a slumber party. Papa was at work and Elysse spent the night at my parents house, so that meant I could focus and just enjoy her company. 

Since dinner had gone well I decided it was ok to enjoy a little bit of ice cream as we watched a show together. Yes, breaking all the rules. But we rarely get these moments where I’m not pulled away constantly by her little sister. 

After that we got ready for bed and while I got her milk ready she changed into her PJ’s. I heard a bit of commotion but gave her space. Suddenly she came to me all proud and excited proclaiming she had set up our sleep space all pretty and relaxing. I walked in our room to find she had filled our queen bed with her favorite stuffed toys and hers and her sister’s paw patrol covered pillow because they were prettier than mine and papa’s. I had the biggest smile on my face and that just made her even happier. 

I dimmed the lights and as I got comfy under the comforter I saw her smooth out her my little pony blanket with such concentration. I watched her quietly and this feeling of amazement came over me. She isn’t my little baby anymore that needs my assistance for everything. She was so focused and my heart sort of felt like it was expanding. Then she snuggled up next to me and turned to fall asleep but she kept moving around. 

After a few seconds of this she turned so that we were face to face maybe 3 inches apart and said “mama, let’s talk instead. Tell me what you liked about today and then you ask me.” I thought I might cry from this pure love that overflowed in me. Her dad likes to ask her that and so it was an instant reminder of the moments they share and also just so genuine from her. 

We shared and talked, and as she closed her eyes and fought falling asleep, I said a prayer to God thanking him for this moment and for all our blessings. Because I thought to myself, how absolutely amazing and what a total gift that God chose me to be the mom to our two beautiful girls. 


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