We all need to celebrate the victories 

My heart and mind have been a little overwhelmed this past week. Feelings of inadequacy, worry, and too much focus on the past and what can’t be undone. 
I realized I’ve been real hard on myself and a memory came to mind. I was walking our dog with our 2 year old, she was running full speed happy as can be. Then suddenly she tripped and fell. At the same instant that she began to get a little teary she looked over at me for my reaction. I calmly said to her in Spanish something like “oops a little fall, let’s get back up.” Instantly she stood up and smiled and continued again on her way, happy as can be. The fall and how she felt were well behind her. All was well and we could go on. 

As this memory came to me I thought how I could use some of that feedback in my own mind at times. Too often I give full reign to the negative critic in my mind. I forget about all the small and big victories I’ve had and that the small fall or set back I’m experiencing is minor in the large scope of things. 

I want to give myself the same grace and encouragement that I give my daughters. To realize that we will fall and that’s ok. Set backs will happen. But we have the strength and capacity to move forward and carry on. And that we should not forget to celebrate our victories, no matter how small. 

It takes effort and consistency and love for ourselves to know, I can do this. I will get past this. I have what it takes to move forward, to learn and improve and not focus on that which only carries unhelpful weight. 


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