Be your own super hero

It’s amazing how your mindset can change in a split second and suddenly you feel renewed with strength and hope.

The last couple weeks I’ve been in a bit of a mental slump; even a little depressed/sad. I am missing face to face interaction with friends a lot. Terribly, actually. I have realized now more than ever how much I love interacting with other people in person, there is no replacement for that. Zoom, Face Time, Marco Polo – yes they are all great platforms for being able to see someone’s face and talk with them; but it doesn’t quite feel the same as being able to reach out to someone and have them in your same space.

So last night I pulled out my iPad and took a moment to reflect on some quotes I had found and just be really open and honest about how I’ve been feeling. Recognizing the loss of certain circle of friends and relationships and allowing myself to feel that small grief and sadness.

I think what we sometimes don’t realize is that even though we make choices that are good for us and we don’t regret them, we are still allowed to feel the loss over the choice and let the grief come and go. It’s part of the process of acceptance and moving forward from a lost relationship, wouldn’t you say?

This morning as I dropped off the girls I was thinking about this again and then suddenly, just like the click of a light switch I thought, I know what I need to do. It’s time I move forward out of my comfort zone and tried a couple things that have been on my mind and that will introduce me to a new group of people.

Comfort is such a warm and fuzzy feeling that can stop us from growth.

I’ll be the first to admit I am a big creature of comfort. So when I make a hard choice that involves taking me (or our family) out of my comfort zone or what I’m familiar with, you can bet that I’ve thought about it long and hard and haven’t made the choice lightly. I’m not a spontaneous person by any means. I cherish friendships that I’ve had for over decades, I used to dream that I would walk out of my childhood home into marriage (that never happened; we had to say goodbye to our home when I was 19), I dream of growing old in the home I now share with my husband and daughters, you get the point. If there’s one hard lesson I’ve learned though over the last 20 years is that nothing is permanent. I hate that, but I also need to be flexible and bend with the changes; especially when I am confident we are moving forward in the right direction.

Today I’m feeling particularly confident and strong. Like a badass superhero – Wonder Woman of course. She’s my favorite.

I need to come back to this post whenever my mindset switches and I feel the cloud of self doubt building inside me. That’s just the enemy trying to dissuade me from my good choices, because here’s the thing, when I know who God is and I trust in where he is leading me, I know that there is nothing that can stop me. Except myself, and I can’t allow that.

So let’s see where this adventure leads me.


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