Hello 2021!

One of the things I love to do is share positive quotes on my private Instagram page. I do it for myself as much as I do it in case anyone out there maybe needs to hear some encouragement too. Maybe this year I’ll create a public page that I can connect to here and share that positivity with any of you out there needing a reminder that there is goodness in the world. We’ll see. 🙂

You see, there are days I wake up feeling like nothing or no one can possibly dampen my positive spirit. And then there are mornings I wake up and the negative thoughts are fighting a hard battle in my head, wanting me to focus on the self doubt – so that’s why I have grown faithful and consistent to finding and sharing positive quotes.

So here we are, a brand new year. It’s hard not to get excited about that, even if all it really means is it’s the day after 12/31/2020. But it’s not just that, if there’s any year we should ride that wave of happiness and hope it should be this year, right? So what are your dreams and hopes? Are you the sit down and write on piece of paper exactly what you know you will accomplish this year? Or a just wing it day by day?

I think if 2020 taught us anything, or at least me, is to truly be intentional. Too often I have found myself going through the day in motions, and then at the end wondering where did I grow? What did I learn? What did I give to others? Or finding myself at the end of the night bummed that I didn’t intentionally make time to read, to write, to sit with my Bible and connect with God.

Yes, God is a big part of my life and my journey. I learned this past year that I can make all the plans in the world, but none of that matters if I don’t first sit with God and ask Him to guide my path. I don’t want to be the kind of person that asks God, make this happen to me. I want Him to guide me on the purpose he has created for me and instead find through His guidance how I can best serve Him so that others can see his love and greatness.

Last year at the beginning of January 2020 I chose the word “trust” as my word of the year. Specifically Provers 3: 5-6. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.” I had never done this before, but there was a reason I now realize and know that guide let me to take that approach to 2020.

I do have some intentions this year… mainly I want to be driven by courage, to try new things and open new doors. I want to be more intentional with my time, read more, blog consistently, be a beginner at something. I also want to grow deeper in my relationship with my husband and my girls; with my family and friends, to hopefully plant the seeds today for stronger tomorrows. To continue to treasure each moment and to spread love and joy. I know I’ll be prone to mistakes, after all I’m human. But my best intentions are there. I hope they are for you too!

I have to add, that image actually scares me a little. None of us know what’s at the bend. We all know that feeling, you’re expecting a huge drop and then realize it’s just a little dip. Or sometimes it’s the opposite. So I purposely put that image up because of the fact that it sort of made my heart jump when I first found it. 🙂

Courage, my friend!


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