The Greatest Hope

Since going back to work again this Tuesday I’ve had a hard time being able to find quiet space before getting ready for work to journal and read my bible. That being said though, I’m happy to say I have not broken my intention to improve my morning habits. That means no reaching for mindless social media scrolling.

I am sincere in my resolve to feed my mind good things first thing in the morning before I get ready for work. So, since I’ve not been able to do my daily practice before work, I’ve made sure I use the time wisely to instead get ready and not reach for my phone’s distraction. What I’ve been doing instead is when I get off of work, I come home and after having lunch, I turn on some instrumental prayer music and that’s when I sit to read a passage from the Bible and take some time to journal.

Let me back track a little by sharing that my husband gifted me a Daily Study Bible about a decade ago that has been so helpful in guiding me on where to read because to be honest many times I don’t know where to start. I love that it has a Track Index and Question Outline, so that if I want to read about a certain topic, I just follow the track for that topic.

I wasn’t sure what I was looking for this afternoon and as I browsed the topics my eyes stopped on one titled Priorities and the question that said: How Can I reorder my life? God always seems to get left out.

The question spoke to me so I turned to the suggested Daily Study Note titled The Greatest Hope. The study note also provides the relevant reading that goes with the study notes and track I chose. I love the study notes because it’s always gives examples relevant to modern day.

The essential message for this particular study note was that when you make Jesus your highest priority, you will find that he gives you your greatest hope. And then I read the most beautiful phrase within the study notes.

If you found a doctor who cured you of an incurable illness, you would surely share all the details with others who have that illness. Well, if you have found Christ, who has cured you of the deadly disease of sin, you ought to share your greatest priority and greatest hope with others! Why don’t you tell someone about this confidence you have in Christ?

Daily Study Bible for Women. Track “Priorities” The Greatest Hope”

You guys…that put tears in my eyes.

Isn’t it true?

If we can sing praises for a doctor that cured our illness, or a dentist/mechanic that gets the job done well, an experience that has brought us joy….

I ask myself, why are we not quick to share and proclaim out loud of our God who has gifted us with such incredible blessings? The ability to live, to experience, to seek…it has all been provided to us by Him. Why do we not share about God’s goodness to us with the same passion as all the other things we so easily and eagerly sing praises to?

We should, shouldn’t we?

We should proclaim our confidence in Christ when He is the one that has forgiven us, even when we feel we have been and done our worst. He has brought us hope even in our darkest moments of despair. He has shown us the path to the light when our faith was tested.

Matthew 28: 20 ends with this “I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”

“And all that is because God makes us his priority. We should make him ours.” Priorities, The Greatest Hope


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