Book Inspirations

Misunderstandings and happy endings

I am a sucker for happy endings and a romantic at heart.  I just finished reading Anne of the Islands and was so happy that Anne finally realized she does love Gilbert, even if it took having him nearly on his death bed for her to realize that.  Silly girl.  Earlier in the novel Anne said… Continue reading Misunderstandings and happy endings


Lions Sleeping in the trees ~ Scott Stulberg

I loved today’s Bing photo so much I had to share it for more of you to see.  Plus I love lions, they’re such beautiful animals.  This is the kind of day we’re having.  Sometimes we get so caught up in being productive that we forget to just enjoy these moments of nothing.  Thank you to Scott… Continue reading Lions Sleeping in the trees ~ Scott Stulberg


Unexpected endings, new beginnings

I was a bit hesitant to share the following experience this morning but decided since my blog is “thoughts in my heart” and I’m not some abnormal creature that only has happy and positive thoughts, it’s only appropriate that I be honest with myself and fellow readers.  Plus since the experience lingered in my thoughts and affected my state of mind, I think it’s… Continue reading Unexpected endings, new beginnings