Book Inspirations

Misunderstandings and happy endings

I am a sucker for happy endings and a romantic at heart. 

I just finished reading Anne of the Islands and was so happy that Anne finally realized she does love Gilbert, even if it took having him nearly on his death bed for her to realize that.  Silly girl.  Earlier in the novel Anne said something that I think sums up what this novel was about.  Anne is talking with her friend Ruby Gillis, who is sharing a story of a quarel she had with a good friend over something so trivial and how they never mended the quarel because they each thought the other wouldn’t want to speak.  And Anne said “Most of the trouble in life comes from misunderstanding, I think”. 

There is some truth to that.  I’ve seen many situations where friendships, love relationships, and family relationships are broken because of a misunderstanding and believing that the other person would never want to speak with you if you approached them…or worse yet letting pride get the best of us and allowing it to create further distance. 

I had a similar experience when I was in high school and lost touch with a very good friend over something I can’t even remember now, which I’m sure was a combination of a misuderstanding and pride, and every now and then she comes to my mind.  About once a year I have a very vivid dream of her, we’re always getting ready to sit down and eat, and we’re talking but we’re also fully aware that there is something we aren’t saying to each other.  It’s very strange.  I always wake up from that dream feeling a bit unsettled and thinking about what happens when misunderstandings are left uncleared.  

I know that life may well bring other misunderstandings and that there aren’t always happy endings, but I do plan to put my best effort forward to be aware of my thoughts and actions and not let my pride get in the way of personal growth and instead allow love and understanding to guide me.


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