Topic #3 – Best Accomplishments 2010

This one was easy.  Starting my blog was one of my best accomplishments of 2010, especially considering that I have always been shy about openly expressing that I love to write.  And even more important was allowing myself the chance to really open up and say, yes, I would even love it if one day I actually published something.  I figure if I’m going to dream I may as well dream big, and who knows, it may just come true!  I’m a novice at this (blogging) and sometimes the fear and insecurity kicks in.  But with each day that I write I realize how much I love posting on my blog and how much the consistency and practice is helping me.  Each day it gets a little bit easier and more comfortable.  The greatest feeling is when my husband tells me that he read my post and little things here and there that he loved.  As long as I have his love and support, there is nothing else I need.  And knowing that my family and friends are also supporting me in this is the best compliment I could get.

Another great accomplishment was finally learning to let go of control at work in order to reduce the stress and anguish in my work environment.  I had to accept that I can’t change and control everything and not allow things to get to me at the point where I stress myself out.  I also realized that I am very blessed to have a job right now when there are so many people being laid off and that no work environment comes without its problems.  

There are so many more things I could list on here but instead I’ll close by saying that my biggest accomplishment overall, not specific to 2010, is marrying my husband.  He is the best blessing God has given me.


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