Waterfalls and anything water


These are two of my favorite pics from when we went to Yosemite in 2008.  The first picture is Bridal Veil and the second one is part of Yosemite Falls. 

I love waterfalls and every time I see one I light up.  It’s a combination of the crisp smell of the water, the feeling of the light mist softly landing on your face, the powerful roar in the background, and the tranquility I feel when I’m infront of one that makes me smile and gets me every time.  I love pretty much anything having to do with water.  Swimming, rivers, pools, and yes, even washing dishes.

Every memory I can think of associated with water brings a smile to my face.  When my brother and I were little kids we would spend hours swimming in our pool and I would imagine that I was a mermaid and i would create this beautiful underwater world.  In High School swimming would always appease my heart and mind.  Even during the most exhausting swim practices, I loved how the water felt around me and how my fingers created soft waves.  

And when I think of these two waterfalls I think of the day my husband and I got married in Yosemite at the cute little chapel and how no other place could have been more beautiful for us.  

What makes you smile?


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