Today one of my younger cousins that I grew up with had her first baby, a beautiful baby girl named Carly.  I don’t have any sisters of my own and this cousin of mine and her two sisters are pretty close to being that for me.  We shared a lot of experiences together growing up and although sometimes we lose touch and weeks go by I find that whenever I do reconnect with them there’s this special bond between us and I’m a special part of their sisterhood.   

This got me thinking about my relationship with my cousins and pretty much all the special people in my life and why it is that sometimes we take for granted those relationships that we have.  Why is it that sometimes it’s easy to lose touch with someone or not put that little extra effort that it takes to reconnect?  I know we all have things going on and priorities and unexpected circumstances that come up, but I want to be mindful of the time I give to the people that I love and that are special to me because you never know when that person won’t be there anymore…or when you won’t be around.  Relationships take effort and time and love, and the greatest thing is that when you do all this the reward you get is priceless.  Yes, relationships can also hit road blocks and get all sticky and uncomfortable, and it’s during these times that God gives you an opportunity to have a breakthrough…if we’re willing to put in the time and effort.

I love how my husband puts it, that the best thing you can do is to love with all your heart so that if something should happen, atleast you know that you didn’t hold back and loved someone (yes, even your pet) with all your heart.  And that to me is one of the most valuable things you can do.


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