Adventures of Biggie the bulldog

“they sent me…the other angels were busy”


For all you dog lovers out there, this is the story of Biggie and how he we rescued him, or better yet, how he came to rescue us. So grab your beverage and/or snack of choice and enjoy…

The best way to describe Biggie’s story is to borrow from the Zelda Wisdom quote “they sent me…the other angels were busy”.  In November 2009, almost 5 months after my husband and I had gotten married, we decided to visit Southern California Bulldog Rescue’s website and complete the online application to adopt one of their bulldogs. This was a huge step for us because we knew that once we brought our little bulldog home it would no longer be just about us, we would have someone else to think about and to coordinate with our schedules and give a loving home to.

Life is always about unexpected surprises and adopting Biggie was no exception. Shortly after completing our application, getting approved, and having a home check (yes, a home check), we had gone to a “meet-up” event that SCBR has for approved families to meet adoptable bullies. This young boy Bruno caught our eye and we thought “he’s the one”.  Unfortunately so did two other families that were ahead of us hoping to adopt him. Then on Dec. 6, 2009 we got an email from Skip of SCBR, they had just received a new boy and he wanted to know if we’d like to meet him before he was moved and posted on their website. On Dec. 7, 2009 we met Biggie, (then known as Quinn at the rescue place). He was a ball of energy and strength and such a handsome boy. My husband and I immediately said yes!

What makes Biggie our success story is that we didn’t give up on him and he didn’t give up on us. You see Biggie was 1 yr old when we rescued him and just recently neutered by SCBR. To say that he was energetic, determined (incredibly stubborn!), and strong is a huge understatement. I remember the first time I had to walk him alone because my husband was at work I thought Biggie would be the death of me. And did I say walk? Biggie was nothing like I’d envisioned a bulldog to be, he had energy and lots of it! Our walks would start off as me jogging along side him just to keep up. I even wondered a few times if I was cut out for this. I imagined the older ladies around our community sipping tea and enjoying the hilarious scene on those occasions when Biggie tried to bully his way around me and probably giggling at how exciting life had gotten ever since the young couple adopted their bulldog.

There were times when I’d be in tears because of how determined he was to have things his way. But I persisted and kept on with all the things my husband taught me, and even when Biggie tried to act like he was the boss I quickly reminded him I was the boss of him. All the discipline, repetition, consistency, and love paid off. We never imagined we could possibly love a bulldog as much as we love Biggie. Sometimes my husband and I still look at him in awe when we see him roaming around the house. We can’t believe he’s ours and how much happiness he’s brought to our lives. 


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