Back to basics and prioritizing

I need to polish up my time management skills. On the one hand I know that I can’t live by an exact agenda because unexpected things will come up, and it’s important to be flexible so you don’t break into pieces when those surprises show up. What I need to work on though is using the time I have effectively. This doesn’t mean I want to cram my days with one to do after another because I also believe in the enjoyment of doing nothing and relaxing. It’s more a matter of making sure that I’m aware of the things that need to get done and the time it takes to do them. The difficult thing for me is when what I need to get done isn’t the most fun task and I can easily think of a billion other things I’d rather be doing. But the fact of the matter remains I need to get it done. This is when I battle with procrastination.  

Procrastination has always been a big problem for me. I’ve gotten a lot better about it but it’s still something I have to constantly work on. I need to get back to basics and make a list and prioritize because often times the list is in my head, which can very easily be edited, and I know writing things down makes it easier to visualize and will help me to not avoid and change those priorities around.

If I want to see changes only I can make them happen and being aware of this is already half the battle, now it’s time for some action steps.


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