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The Headache Mystery

I need to figure out the cause behind the headaches I’m getting every Monday and Wednesday – the days I happen to be at school. I’m truly baffled by this. I started classes last week and every Monday and Wednesday I leave school with a massive headache. Actually yesterday’s was a bit more mild.

The first day of classes I thought it was because of the new routine and needing to adjust. Then my schedule got shifted that first day so I now have 3 back to back classes and then I get a break for lunch at 1:45pm. I figured this was why I was getting the headache, because I’m not used to having lunch so late. So I make sure to snack in between and drink plenty of water. Okay maybe I could increase my water intake a bit. Yesterday things were looking pretty good, it was around 1:15pm and I began to feel a light sensation in my head but felt comforted by the knowledge that in 30 minutes I’d be off to eat. Then I started to get a really strong whiff of the instructor’s dry erase marker. Could this be the culprit, something so trivial? Well by the time I made it to my last class the headache was in full force, although not as bad as Monday or the week before. What gives? Why is it only the days I’m at school? Because today I’m feeling perfectly fine and happy as can be.

I’m determined to figure this out, especially because other than the fact that I get these headaches I’m actually enjoying my time at school very much. I love my classes and my instructors. Maybe I need to enjoy a nice nap during my break to re-energize my brain. I’ll have to try that on Monday. 🙂 Any new ideas would be appreciated!


4 thoughts on “The Headache Mystery

    1. Thanks for the comment. I think pressure and stress are definitely in the mix too. This is my first semester taking 4 classes so maybe that has something to do with it. I hope your headaches go away too.


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