Little milestones

Today our sweet Celeste  is 2 months old! What a way we’ve come since those first initial weeks, and what a huge difference time makes. I want to document these memories because I know that as the weeks go by it will help me to be able to look back on this when faced with a new challenge. Which I’m sure we’ll have plenty of!

Thinking back to those first few weeks that we had Celeste and all the different good and rough emotions I went through it’s amazing to me how much I feel I’ve learned and improved. The biggest thing that comes to mind is breastfeeding because I struggled so much with that. I use to cringe when the clock got closer to feeding time, and night time feeding was my favorite because it meant she got the bottle. How bad is that huh? And now, feeding time is just feeding time, and I even breastfeed her at night too. I never imagined in those first few weeks that I’d get to a happy place with feeding and look at me now. 

And did I mention we’re getting a little bit more sleep? I feel like I’m actually functioning at a normal human level now. Sleep deprivation can really do a body harm, it took such a toll on us. It affected my mood in such horrible ways (my husband can attest to that hehe) and my thoughts, my sense of stability, everything felt so warped from the lack of sleep. It feels so good to get 4 – 5 1/2 straight hours of sleep now and then.

I think one of my favorite things right now is when Celeste is napping on the bed. I like to lay down beside her and put my face right next to hers and take in every little detail of her face. I’m amazed by her and absolutely in love.

Tomorrow is her 2 month well check and her first round of vaccines. I’m a little bit nervous and worried of how she’ll do and I’m sure I’ll end up crying :(, but I know this is for her well being and so she can continue to grow healthy and strong. I know that she’s in God’s hands and just need to accept what is another step in life.


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