Journey of my first 5K run

Can this Piscis Run?

Last year around this same time I decided that I would train for and run my very first 5k race and posted a couple blogs about the journey, which came to a sudden halt when I found out I was pregnant and needed to take it easy on the exercising for the first three months.

Well here I am a year later and I’ve decided to give this another shot. If you’d like to read my original posts on this you can find them in “Journey of my first 5K run”. Nothing much has really changed since then, well except that I had a baby haha, but I mean more along the lines of my thoughts on running. I have never been a runner, I’ve actually always rather dreaded the sport. Plus I’m a Piscis and, true to my nature, I love water and swimming has always been more my thing. My element is definitely water. But here I am again willing to attempt this and challenge myself.

The extra challenge this year is going to be finding the time to train and get a consistent rhythm going so that I don’t flop the day of the race. I was thinking about signing up for the Disney 5K race in September, partly because it gives me more time to avoid the training and wrap my mind around the idea of running, but then my exercise buddy suggested we try the Cinco de Mayo 5K race instead and I found myself agreeing. At the time she suggested this we were inside Victoria’s Secret store and I think the fumes of all their lotions must have altered my state of mind. But it’s doable right? I won’t count January since we’re already midway through the month so that leaves me February – April to get myself in gear…let the fun begin!



One thought on “Can this Piscis Run?

  1. Yes it’s totally doable! I haven’t even started my training either so we’re in the same boat! Beats a half marathon, don’t you think? 😉


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