Is there a pause button somewhere?

I have been itching to get on here to write for what seems like ages and just as I’m about to sit down and get comfy I suddenly hear the mommy call, which at 4 months of age means that my little one lets out a little cry to let me know it’s her time now. So here I am again…

Today, for the first time since becoming a new mom, I thought to myself as I was folding laundry clothes and quickly hanging the ones that need to air dry, what the heck did I do with all that free time I had before and why didn’t I cherish it more? Don’t get me wrong, I have zero regrets of having our little one, I love her so much, but yes I’ll admit sometimes as I’m stealing away some me time and she’s napping or entertained with her toys I’m secretly thinking “don’t wake up, don’t wake up” or “keep playing”. And then I hear people telling me to enjoy this “non moving” time because once she’s crawling around it’s a whole new adventure. I have no doubt!

It’s a funny thing though, last year when I had all the time in the world there were days when I was just not interested in even getting on the laptop to write, and now that my time is more limited, all I can think about sometimes is when can I get on here to write. In hindsight I could write at 10:30p after she’s asleep in bed…but I treasure my sleep time too much!

Well, this is as far as I get today, the mommy call is sounding…


6 thoughts on “Is there a pause button somewhere?

  1. Great post. Your voicing what most moms are thinking but don’t have the courage to say. It’s only natural I think or at least I went through the same thing. It is tough sometimes while you’re going through it but times does pass so quickly. It’s like the forest for the trees thing….. She’s a lucky little baby girl.


    1. She’s such a good girl too, very easy going so we feel so blessed. It’s all so new still and an adjustment, its like learning something new about myself every day and being flexible.


  2. Don’t worry, this is totally normal; we all go through it. As she gets older, the precious minutes come creeping back, you’ll be showering regularly again, maybe even getting a chance to blow dry your hair (lol). But seriously, you’re doing fine. And 10:30pm used to be my “magic hour” too. . .


    1. Thanks to my awesome husband, most of the time I actually get to blow dry my hair while he entertains her. I must say, 4 months is so much easier than those first couple months that’s for sure.


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