Ballroom Love Story Continued…

So there I was, February 28th, 2006 and working up a sweat at the dance studio while practicing my dance show number with my instructor. Yes, I said dance show number. Since I was on such a roll with the dancing I decided to up the ante by signing up for their studio show in June 2006, which costs quite the pretty penny, but I couldn’t pass the chance to be on stage. Talk about courage!

That evening as I ended with my private lesson and was heading out the door I noticed my now husband standing at the front desk talking with the receptionist (looking just handsome as can be I might add) and said good night to them both. As I walked out the door and headed to my car I heard Manny call my name. We started to talk and what a surprise to find out that we lived and worked within a mile of each other, we also both grew up in Santa Ana and even went to the same High School! How had we not run into each other before? Because God knew it wouldn’t have been the right time for us. So that night M asked for my number and our story unfolded from there. To this day I still have an email saved that I wrote to my cousin (the same one I mentioned earlier that I confide in a lot) where I told her about M and how fabulous I was feeling.

It’s a funny thing about life and the paths that lead you to the person you’re meant to be with. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine I would meet my husband at a dance studio. I’m sure my husband never thought he’d meet his future wife there either! But it just goes to show, love can happen in the unlikeliest of places. I’m just so thankful to God for making that moment happen for us, at the time he knew we were ready for each other.

I would love to hear where your story began…



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