Heart of a Champion

This one is very dear and close to my heart, and being the sentimental gal that I am, I can’t help but get a bit choked up and teary eyed as I begin to write this.

Today is my husband’s birthday, not only is he celebrating his 35th, but today is also the second phase in the Captain’s test for his Firefighting association. When my husband found out, 24 days ago, that he had passed the first (written) part of the Captain’s test, my joy for him was immeasurable, and I could see by the sparkle in his eyes and that boyish grin of his, that it was for him too. The last 24 days I have seen him studying, training, going to group study sessions, going through his flash cards, going through fire scenarios out loud, reviewing power point presentations, reviewing interview questions, and countless other study measures in order to be as well prepared as he can be so that today he can give it his best.

So how can I put into words how incredibly proud and happy I feel for my husband? How can I find the proper way to express that my joy for his accomplishments and his hard work is immeasurable? And how can I share without making him feel uncomfortable when he reads all these words of love and praise? Because I know how humble he is and that for my husband, what he does, the service he provides to our community, is something that he does with pride and joy and without seeking any kind of recognition in return, except knowing that he has served his community well and done his best.

The best that I can do is to let my husband know that to me and our daughter, and yes, even our beasty boy Biggie, he is our inspiration and he is changing our lives in such magical ways every day. And that no matter what happens today, or any day, we are so immensely proud of him always and that he has nothing to lose and everything to gain!

And what better way to close this today than to borrow some of my husband’s favorite phrases/quotes that keep him inspired, and that inspire me…

Success comes from knowing that you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming ~ John Wooden

Thank you Lord for all our blessings

I have the heart of a champion! ~ Mohammed Ali

This is going to be fun!

Ain’t nothing but a peanut, I can do this all day ~ Ronnie Coleman

All I know is I’m here now, nothing can stop me, I’m too pretty! (LOL I love this one, not sure where my husband got it from)

Happy Birthday sweetie. You have the heart of a champion!

I love you with all my heart, always, sweet monkey



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