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Closing May

May is ending on a wonderful note. I could probably break this down into two separate posts but I’m so eager to talk about both things that I’m squeezing it all in one.

Yesterday was our 4 year anniversary! I know it may sound so cheesy but I truly feel so blessed by the wonderful journey my husband and I have had since the day we met. It gets me a little choked up with happiness when I think back on our wedding day, to deciding to adopt Biggie, and then the day we found out we were having a baby girl. We have changed and grown together so much since the day we met and I think one of our most challenging times of adjustment, flexibility, and growth has been since becoming parents, especially while at the same time working on finishing school and my husband getting his promotion at work and all the new responsibilities these changes entailed. It’s been a wonderful four years and I’m excited to see what the future brings and of the many more years to come.

The other exciting news is that I found where to do my internship this summer. I had another place in mind but one of the doubts I had about that first option is that I would be doing a lot of what I am already doing currently at my job, which is mainly office work, organizing, and coordinating, except i would have some contact with community businesses in looking for sponsors. So I decided to look over the Sociology Internship List again and contacted a few more places.

I ended up going to an appointment yesterday at an organization in Santa Ana called Women Helping Women. What they do is provide women with the necessary resources they need to find employment. The organization began in 1993 and at first the majority of the women needing assistance came from domestic violence homes, over the years though the organization has grown to help women that have recently gone through divorce, or who were laid off, or single moms that don’t have the attire or skills to begin their employment search. Through the assistance from sponsors, WHW provides clothing, accessories, shoes, and even a certificate to get a manicure and haircut. They also provide workshops with mock interviews, access to their computer lab, and assistance with resume building. They prepare these women not only with professional attire so they look and feel good, but also with the necessary skills they may need to help in landing a job.

I was so excited as I went through the tour and I could really see myself helping out in this organization. What I want most of my internship experience is to be able to interact directly with people from the community and to help in any way possible and to feel like I am giving back and making a difference,and I feel like I could really do this at WHW. I have to admit I’m very nervous because this is so different from what I currently do and because I’ll be interacting with so many different people, but I truly feel like this is what I need and as my cousin “beanie” said, it’s an experience that can truly help me find the direction I want to go once I finish school and get my degree.

I’ll make sure to keep you all posted on my experience!


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