Welcome 2014!


Bye bye 2013, thank you for all your wonderful blessings and the opportunities you gave me for growth. As we get ready to greet the New Year, may each of your hearts be filled with love and joy and the beauty in knowing that with every new day greatness awaits.

This year I really want to live with intention (read discipline too). I am not one for making resolutions because I tend to just forget about them, but as the years go by I realize the importance in having goals and having the discipline to follow through on them and most importantly to truly enjoy each moment.

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing those things which I want to do intentionally in my life and that I hope will provide growth for me. In the meantime though I leave you with the most heart felt thank you for continuing to follow my journey and the dearest wishes for a joyful and successful year. That your hardships and struggles be few, and those that you do have serve to help mold the beautiful and strong person you are meant to become, and that at the end of each day you be able to look back and see beautiful moments.

May God bless you all in 2014!! Happy New Year!!  


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