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2014: Live it with Intention!


Last year my husband and I kept saying we wanted to write a list of goals that we wanted to accomplish but never got around to it. Plus with me in school and then switching jobs, it left little room for us to really sit down and plan out any vacations so we would often just do things on a whim. Well last night we took some time and sat down and wrote our goals for 2014, a mixture of things we would like to intentionally do this year, because often what happens is we put things off and later never comes, but frustration and feeling burned out sure does.

These are some of the items that made our list and that God willing we hope to enjoy…


  1. Trip to Japan in late March – yep, and with our toddler in tow!
  2. Visit Grand Canyon
  3. Rent a beach house with our family
  4. Plan our first yearly family get together at the park and keep it going every year – this one is really important because we all get so busy and it’s important to keep the family unit together
  5. Get Celeste back to her swim lessons
  6. Daily meditation and prayer (the meditation is more for my husband because I am not quite there yet but it’s definitely something I want to revisit doing)
  7. Go back to seeing a therapist – we both think it’s really helpful and beneficial to speak to someone else that can help us understand the things that sometimes holds us back or that we don’t quite understand, to work on becoming the best person God intended us to be
  8. Marriage Retreat
  9. Be more intentional about our date night/dinner nights to keep our relationship blossoming
  10. Cook food to feed homeless shelter once month
  11. Spring cleaning/donate items (it’s time to get rid of some of the stuff that’s been sitting around for years)
  12. More exploration time for our daughter Celeste – playing with paint, chalk, outdoor activities etc
  13. Go back to doing my dance classes!! – this is one of my personal favorites and that I can’t wait to enjoy again
  14. Get into a more consistent exercise program (I tend to be really inconsistent with this)
  15. Get involved with a Bible study group
  16. Meet with my girl friends once a month
  17. Visit my brother and his family in Arizona!

I’m super excited about the goals we came up with and to see what 2014 has in store for us and to share that journey along the way with my blogging family. I think above all though the key for me will be to enjoy each moment and not only live my life with intention but also to remember to take time to rest and take care of myself as well because in the past I’ve been rather bad about my rest and sleep patterns and I believe that’s just as important as everything else on this list. With God’s guidance and love I have faith that this year will bring some moments for further growth and personal exploration as well as memories to treasure.

Love and joy to you all and may your 2014 be successful too!


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4 thoughts on “2014: Live it with Intention!

    1. Hi Bree, I know, can you believe it, Japan!! I’m equally nervous and excited since we’ll be traveling with our daughter. We want to mainly be in Kyoto although my husband said possibly visit Tokyo as well. Although I’ve heard from a few people that Kyoto is a great place to spend all our time in. We are thinking of traveling 3/24 – 4/2. Any tips you can provide to us would be so helpful and much appreciated. Do you think it’s best to just plan a few things in advance or just go day by day…or even book a tour? What do you recommend? Thank you!


      1. Let me just start by saying that nothing in Japan is “simple” meaning it is best to generally plan as much as you can, as last minute options are very very rarely available and if they are available they are quickly filled up. Especially since you will be traveling during the expected Cherry Blossom season it will be extremely busy in and around Kyoto (many cherry blossom viewing spots there, it’s GREAT!). I would recommend taking some time to look at things you would like to see/experience in Japan and then let me know your favourites. For many things in Kyoto I highly recommend a tour since you will have your daughter. Everything is on the city bus routes and you can get a map in English and easily navigate Kyoto on your own HOWEVER the buses are OVERLY packed full (no breathing room – no exaggeration!) and with a child plus a stroller/ bags I worry it may be be the most un-enjoyable experience (I hate it!). In addition the tourist spots in Kyoto close between 4 and 5 pm so you may waste much time trying to navigate around whereas the tours are usually inexpensive and they are planned to make the best time and not have to deal with the city buses and the millions of ppl on them. So again, let me know what your interested in and I can suggest some things for you. I live in Nagoya city and I am not very far from Kyoto (I just went there on Monday!) talk to you soon!


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