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Hey Pretty Girl

I’ve been sick since Friday night with terrible body aches, chills, and a sore throat. The body aches have finally subsided today (yay!) but my throat remains sore as ever. My glands are definitely swollen and when I opened wide to peek at the back of my mouth, sure enough there was tons of deep red. I’ve probably got some kind of infection.

While my husband was at work I texted him how awful I was feeling and he sent me this beautiful song, Hey Pretty Girl by Kip Moore. I got all choked up as I listened to the song and lyrics and then when it got to the part about their daughter having her momma’s eyes I of course burst into tears. It’s a beautiful song and I hope you’ll take some time to enjoy it.

It was just the kind of TLC my heart needed because after so many days of feeling unwell I could sure use the love and reassurance. It is these kind and loving gestures from my husband that always make my heart soar.


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