The Sappier the Song, The Happier I Am!

I absolutely freaking L-O-V-E sappy sad country music songs, and my all time favorite artist by far is George Strait. No one else comes even close for me…well except maybe Kenny Rogers – my first exposure to country music at the ripe old age of like 9.

I’m actually listening to George Strait while typing this, which is probably a bad idea because I am only half concentrating on either thing but listen, I mean just read and feel these lyrics:

I told her I wouldn’t miss her at all, as she walked to the door…I couldn’t care less if she didn’t care anymore…And with tears in my eyes, I lied, I was glad we were through…As she drove away crying at the famous last words of a fool…

The first night without her would be easy, I kept telling myself. All the why dying at the thought of her lying somewhere else. There’ll be nothing to it, I’ll easily find someone new, as my breaking heart echoed the famous last words of a fool.

I’m sure these words have been deeply felt by someone somewhere sometime, heck maybe I even felt something similar one day very long, long ago, but it’s a funny thing when you are happy and in love, because I hear songs like this and I just want to belt them out while wearing a half grin on my face. Is that cynical of me? I don’t think so. I just love sappy sad songs.

I think though what I really love most is the depth of emotion that is felt not only through the words/singing, but the melody, the instruments. There’s nothing quite like the soft beat of the instruments carrying the words along or a long stretched cord of the guitar that just seems to dig deep within your soul and make you think, damn, this guy is real, his suffering is real!

Or maybe it’s just Mr. Strait himself. Sweet heaven, damn how I love this man’s singing!

Because my husband “stole some stars from the sky”…(You Look So Good In Love)


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