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The 4:00 a.m. Mommy Alarm

Our daughter is a pretty good sleeper. On a normal day she’s in bed by 8:45p and then wakes up the following day around 7:20a, not bad right?

Every once in awhile though she likes to wake up somewhere in the 4am vicinity and does so in such great spirits that you would swear it’s 7:20a, if not for the fact the clock is reading a clear 4am.

Today was one of those early wake up calls.

What makes it so darn charming and funny are some of the things she says to us. For one, she wanted to sleep in our bed. This rarely happens and since it’s 4am and I’m tired I agree to it because honestly I just want to fall back asleep. So she says to me that yes she will go mimis (sleep) if I lay her down on our bed. This never happens immediately as I would wish, but it’s her way of convincing me to get her out of her crib and it makes me hopeful she actually will fall asleep.

This morning she decided to start off by first singing the Spanish song when hitting the piñata at a birthday party. Although she specifically is remembering her birthday. So it’s “dale dale dale no pierdas el tino…” belted out in her cute little voice as papa and I try not to giggle because that will surely let her know we are awake and ready to have fun. Then she decided she needed her daddy to see her feet. Then it was a bunch of just tossing around on the bed and a request for milk.

This exchange continued for about 30 minutes, just various funny requests. At some point I fell asleep and then heard a chiming sound and realized it was my alarm waking me up. As I looked around I realized she too had finally fallen asleep, partially on my legs.

Would I have preferred that she wake up at 7:20a today? of course. But I wouldn’t for a second not want those funny little moments, even if they are at 4 in the morning.


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