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It’s Really Just A Number

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I just had a funny conversation with one of my cousins. We call each other beanie because we’re Mexican and well we’re beaners. It’s just a fun term of endearment that we use. Not sure why I feel the need to explain this because it’s totally unrelated to my post, but anyway, it provides some background info.

So I’m talking to beanie and she tells me how she might see her old co-worker this coming Sunday and might not be able to make it to this event I’m hosting at the retail store that’s linked to the place I work at. So I ask her what’s up with the old co-worker and she tells me she’s a GRANDMA now. Why the caps?! Because this “grandma” is 38 years old. So naturally I laugh because now I’m thinking, oh my gosh…this 38 year old has just been made a young grandma and all the while here I am a recently turned 39 year old raising a TWO year old. Buahahahaha!!!

I’ve always been one to not care much about a number. I mean what’s in a number anyway right? Plus I’m probably a huge advocate for “age is just a number” because pretty much all the milestones in my life have been achieved at a much greater age than that deemed appropriate by our societal norms. Not to mention I’m a little bit blessed in that I mostly don’t look my age – thank the Lord for these genes. Regardless though I still am a firm believer in that it’s just a number and by gosh if you are achieving or doing something at an age not deemed appropriate or “too late” by societal norms – screw it. Live it and enjoy it!  

When it comes down to it all I can say is I thank the Lord that I’ve even had the opportunity to accomplish and do all I have, regardless of what age I achieved it at. I’m living and walking proof that you don’t give up or let a number hold you down, you grab hold and enjoy each moment in life and thank God for the blessing to experience it at all. Sure I have those moments where I’m chasing after my two year old and think, oh my gosh I am way too old for this (mostly this happens during tantrums) but that’s just for a split second because the next thought is usually followed by me cracking up at one of our daughter’s comments or antics. And I think to myself, who cares what age I am, because I am experiencing something absolutely amazing. Or sometimes at work, when I’m surrounded by mostly 20 year olds doing intern hours, I think for a split second, my gosh what am I doing, I’m nearly 40…but then again the positive thought comes storming through and reminds me that I am absolutely loving the experience that I am getting at work and the fact that I am that much closer to doing what I love to do – helping people succeed!

So yes, sometimes the number does come up and sometimes I do a double take, but I just think, screw it, and I live it and enjoy it and thank God for it all.  

And yes, I also do love The Office!


10 thoughts on “It’s Really Just A Number

  1. I am rolling over here! So honored that our conversation was entertaining enough to make it to your blog! And I agree…AGE IS JUST A NUMBER! I repeat this to myself when I realize Eder will be turning 29 this year and here I will be turning 34 just a couple months later! FML! So not fair!!! Hahahaha! Love you beans!


    1. Beans I think if I blogged about all our convos I would be writing daily! And good stuff too!! And of course I’m laughing too thinking about your own “age” predicament. Love you too beans!!


  2. I just love how you write so naturally. I imagine that you right just like you talk?!
    It’s always fun to read your stuff…so relatable!! Thanks for you fresh honest expression.

    P.s. how’s the Japan planning?


    1. Hi Bree! Thank you so much that was so nice to hear. And yes I write very much the way I talk haha. Can you believe we are just two weeks away from Flying to Japan?! We have most of the logistic stuff taken care of. We’re thinking of visiting Hiroshima too if time permits. We’ll be in Japan 3/24 – 4/1


      1. That’s awesome! Cullen and I are planning to be in Kyoto that week too for cherry blossoms, we should try and meet up! Have lunch or dinner or something!?
        Is that weird? Haha, just think it would be cool to meet since I know so much about you from your blog, be nice to chat in person. If that isn’t too weird for you, let me know and we can make a plan!


      2. Bree that would be so awesome!! Not weird at all, really. I’m so glad you mentioned it! We’ll be in Tokyo the first few days that we arrive and then our time in Kyoto starts 3/28, let’s definitely coordinate something for either lunch or dinner. I’m so excited! I can email you more info on where exactly we’ll be staying. Now If I can just figure out how emailing works via wordpress hahaha.


  3. I look forward to meeting you!! Thats perfect timing I can not believe it! We were thinking to be in Kyoto 30th and 31st (I am still working so my days off are sunday and monday but Cullen is off for 2 weeks at that time so I was worried we would miss you if you went to Kyoto before Tokyo.)
    It will be nice! Talk to ya soon!


    1. I’m so excited Bree, I look forward to meeting you too! It’s awesome how it worked out. I mentioned all this to my husband and he is glad our dates were able to coincide. Thanks for your email address too I’ll be sending you a note soon.


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