Appreciating life’s blessings

As we approach Thanksgiving tomorrow, and then the Christmas holiday, the thought of blessings is ever more present in my mind.

We are a family that prays together and every day we do so, whether it’s as we begin a new day, before we enjoy a meal, or as we thank the Lord at the end of each day for what he’s bestowed upon us.

One of the most significant things is seeing how our daughter also gets more involved with our prayer time. She recently turned 3 and when we get ready to pray she excitedly tells us she can pray and then says a few words followed by an Amen. It’s very touching and significant to experience this with her and I pray that we are slowly nurturing and implementing a strong foundation of God in her life.

This is especially important as I see myself wanting to build my own stronger foundation of God in my life. He is definitely the foundation of our marriage and family, and more and more I see how much in life I would not handle as well if God wasn’t there to guide me and help me mature. It is not a simple process by any means because as humans our own selfishness likes to take hold and its God who enters and reminds us to be kind, gentle, and humble. I am learning this every day and like everything it takes plenty of moving forward as well as falling back.

And I am very excited because there have been some very special moments in the past week or so where God has placed a special person in my path to speak to me of God and guide me further in his direction. That is one of the things I’m very grateful for at the moment, the people I see Jesus introducing me to and the new opportunities I see possibly coming around the corner.

And so I just wanted to take a moment to share this with you all.

To say how thankful I am for those of you that continue to follow and encourage and support the writings that I share. And I’m so thankful for all the love and life that Jesus gives us on a daily basis. I pray that I can see this in every new day, no matter what changes may come our way.


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