Knock, knock…it’s not for mommy or daddy 

 That awesome moment when there’s a knock at the door and it’s two young neighborhood sisters asking if Celeste can come out to play. 

I felt such a mixture of joy and…nostalgia? I still can’t really pin point what exactly the feeling felt like. Pride in seeing her growing and making friends. Excitement about her socializing. Relief that other kids will provide entertainment for her. Nostalgia over the fact that she’s growing and wanting to play with other people. Nostalgia too of the days when I would go out and play with friends. How fun it was to be outside and also sometimes enjoying alone time inside to read or listen to music. 

I think I even get a little choked up. 

As my husband and I began to take out her drawing table, paper and colors for them to play and then my husbands “fun” bag, which is filled with all sorts of balls, comes, and a couple frisbees, I just kept thinking…we are parents. We are watching our little ones grow. I felt such joy and thankfulness. 

And one day they will go. 


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