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Oh my Gremlin! 

Since becoming a mommy I often find myself in situations where my brain is very confused and doesn’t know whether the distress signal to the rest of my body should be huddle and cry or stop and laugh your ass off. 

This weeks challenge while home with my two kids has been getting the little one to take her naps. The kid is a beast. And I say that with the utmost love. She will fight and fight falling asleep even though she is exhausted and her eyes are half closed. 

I in the meantime am beside myself. Does my mom have magical powers? Why is it that when I’m at work and my mom is caring for both our girls I hear these beautiful stories of “she was so calm and napped well”? Do kids know…oh mommy is tired, let’s play that fun game where we take one for the team and stay up with her too! No, no, no. Go. To. Sleep. 

So today’s shenanigans ended with baby Elysse wailing and me laying her on the bed next to me. We were parallel to each other. When suddenly she started doing this pre-crawl scoot and ended up perpendicular to me with her little feet up against my chest. Suddenly she’s kicking those feet and jabbing me and I’m exhausted and it happened. My body was like oh my gosh what do I do what do I do? I started to laugh. 

And the Gremlin? It’s not the baby. It’s me if she doesn’t fall asleep. My gizmo is happy…for now. 


2 thoughts on “Oh my Gremlin! 

  1. This made me laugh so hard!! I love it!! My son does the same thing!! I think our Moms totally lie to us when we’re gone and our kids are terrors 🙂 thank you for sharing and making me feel like I’m not alone (as I slowly lose my mind!) 🙂

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