When downward dog seems like the best alternative 

I’ve started to do Yoga. I try to go twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays, usually the 6am class. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t. What I like though is I’ve gotten to that point in the workout mentality where when I don’t get to go, I miss it. My family was visiting from Arizona so I missed both my yoga days last week and I felt my body needing it. 

Now, trying to go workout when you have an infant that you exclusively nurse and have maybe two back up bags at most of pumped milk at a time is not an easy task. Add to that mustering the will to get  up that early in the morning and go…I definitely consider it a huge success when I do go. 

So Monday morning rolled around and Elysse decided she would nurse an hour earlier than usual, which was good. It was 5am and as I sat there nursing her I kept thinking of reasons not to go. But I knew all I needed was to get dressed and once I was in the car and fully awake, I would be thankful I had the will power. I was! 

I really like our instructor on Mondays. Her name is Sarah. You wouldn’t know it by looking at her but she’s about 3 months pregnant. The class is called Ra Strength 2 which means the use of weights and cardio are incorporated. So imagine my surprise as I’m sitting with my back to the door talking with my friend, when she suddenly gasps and says “Mikaela is teaching the class!” I froze. 

I had heard stories of Mikaela. My friend takes her class on Wed and Frid and had told me how much more strength training and cardio she does than Sarah. 

I’m not going to lie. My first thought was “great day to come, Yvonne”. 

Mikaela was a beast. And I say that as a compliment. I had never done so many sets of mountain climbers. By the third or fourth time doing them I just wanted to stay in downward dog and not move. When towards the end of the class she had as in downward dog and said to kick our right leg up I thought “yeah, not gonna happen”. I kept dreaming of laying in child’s pose. 

Today I am so sore even my calves hurt. It’ll be interesting to see how little I can move tomorrow because the second day after a tough workout is always the most sore. But I  must be a glutton for pain because I really liked her class and can’t wait to do it again! 


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