Life · Motherhood

A gift that can’t be duplicated 

Little baby bathed – check. Toddler bathed – check. Dinner ready – check. Mama exhausted – check. 
There are moments in the day when things just flow so well from one moment to another. Moments when I feel I am fully in my element and that God had it so right when he decided it was time for me to be a mom. 

That doesn’t mean they are moments free of mishaps or funny outcomes, they are special though because it’s in the midst of those moments when God reminds me of my value and importance as a mom and I feel so confident. I don’t always get it right and I often get it wrong, and that’s okay. 

It’s because God knew I was fully equipped with the right things to be a mom that I now get to enjoy such special moments with my girls. 

Moments like this evening when our 6 month old Elysse was playing with the maraca and then our 3 1/2 year old said I needed to dance with her. So I got on my knees and danced and twirled Celeste while she sang a little song for us. 

Each day I realize more and more the great significance of the special gift I have for my girls. A gift that no one else will ever be able to duplicate in the same way. My love for them, my quirks, my weirdnesses, and all the other beauty that makes me, well, me. 

And I am thankful to God for this realization. 


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