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About a girl: resignation 

While it’s only been a week and two days since my last day at work, I am so thankful that I made the choice I did. 

The day I gave my resignation and walked back to the office space I shared with another colleague she commented that I looked much more relaxed. She had no idea I had just given my official resignation letter. And she was right, I could feel myself much more relaxed. I had never felt stress like that leave my body so fast. Only one other person besides upper management knew about my resignation and that was my closest colleague, miss “hot sauce” as we like to call each other. My sister from another mister. 

Telling her I was going to resign was emotional for both of us. But she knew it was the best decision for my family and myself and she was so supportive and encouraging. 

Since my last day at work I have been thankful each morning that I’m not working. And I’m thankful to my husband for being able to provide for us so that I am able to do this and be with him and the girls. I’m thankful to God for guiding me and helping me see a different season for me. 

Like just this past Friday it felt so nice to wake up in the morning and know that I didn’t have to go into work and that my husband would be home after his 48 hour shift and find the three of us waiting for him. That morning I had just finished nursing Elysse and she was standing by the changing table inspecting whatever was within her reach. Celeste was sitting on my lap as we read together. When he opened the door to the bedroom he was momentarily surprised to see Celeste because he thought she was at preschool. She yelled “Papa, Papa!”, ran to his arms and kissed him. Then Elysse saw him and got this huge grin on her face and quickly crawled to him. No job is worth more than being a witness to that special moment. A special moment that wouldn’t have happened if I’d been at work and the girls at my mom’s house. 

I wake up every day knowing I made the right decision. 


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