The Salad 

This morning I had breakfast plans with one of my stay at home mommy neighbors and my husband teased me that I sure had a bounce to my walk, because you know normally when I don’t have plans and its breakfast at home I’m all frazzle dazzled. More frazzle and less dazzle haha. 

It’s true though, I was definitely looking forward to lunch and my friend K and I had such great conversation. Here’s the cool thing. We both have kids and yet 95% of our talk was about us and personal growth and life experiences – which was really nice.  

Once I got home with the girls it was back to feedings, diaper changes, temper tantrums, toddler nap, getting dinner ready, baby not wanting to take a nap, tough love baby crying to sleep to nap, and me praying I would have time to eat lunch. 

Thankfully both girls ended up asleep at the same time. I got about a 20 minute break and was able to enjoy this healthy salad my husband and I made. 

I tend to run from rabbit food but those 20 minutes felt so wonderful and my salad tasted like a slice of heaven. 

After that it was both girls awake and back to play time and homework time. It’s tiring and non stop but so worth it. 


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