Halloween fun 

Today was the second annual Spooktacular event at Orange County Great Park in Irvine, CA. It’s all kinds of Halloween festivities, there is no cost for entrance (you just need to register in advance) and it gives the kiddos a chance to put on their costumes and practice trick or treating before the big day. We had such a blast! 

Here I am with my mom and cousin posing for a selfie… 

And then Miry, my cousin’s (my mom side) daughter (who is our goddaughter) wanted to take a photo of us. It was so cute because she took the phone from my hand and snapped the photo in what seemed like the same second, and it came out pretty good. 

We got to meet Elsa, walk around treat town, play some games to win prizes, and the girls had a blast playing with some foam type toys from Pretend City. 

We were there most of the morning and early afternoon. I loved seeing our girls playing and having so much fun and I enjoyed so much seeing all the kids cute costumes. Some parents are so creative! I never have been one to get totally into Halloween, now I do though because of our girls. It makes me so happy to see our 4 year old’s excitement. 

After the fun it was time to get some stuff done at home and so we called it a day and now we are just excited for the real trick or treating to begin! 


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