My Writing Journey

Invest in your gifts 


I love writing. I started journaling since I was a little kid. Writing to my cousins in Mexico was one of my favorite past times.  I have loved writing for as long as I can remember. It makes me feel alive. 

I’m reading Jen Harmaker’s book For The Love and I came across this quote “Maybe your best thing won’t draw a paycheck, but it is how you shine and glow and come to life and bless the world.” I know that writing is that for me. 

Just like helping others. When I say this, I mean it in such a broad capacity. I love to help people find their passion and watch people grow and flourish in ways they didn’t think possible. I love to inspire and motivate people and watch them come to life. I want that for myself too. And often it’s so easy to put my own needs and passions aside and just expend all my energy elsewhere. 

Like Jen Hatmaker said though, I need to run my race. I want to run my race. I want my writing out there, even if that means putting myself in the most vulnerable space possible. Because writing means opening my heart completely, to the positive feedback and the criticism. Writing is my heart. 

So I’m going to run my race and I’m going to stop minimizing my gift and go at it unapologetically. That means I’m going to be more intentional about my passion and look for a class or seminar. A place to start and see where my writing takes me. 


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