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Parenting: How we got suckered in 


Buahahaha! I was laughing my a** off at this one. I swear my husband and I must’ve had an exact moment like that cuddly couple on the couch when we decided to make the big leap to have a baby. Or something similar to that. 

I read a blog post the other day that said something along the line of “for every great picture there is a horror story”. True that. 

I sometimes laugh to myself when I think of some of my posts that have gone unwritten. Those horror moments that if I published would probably make tons of my friends with no kids never want to reproduce. 

Parenting is NOT for the faint of heart. Please read this carefully. It’s horror and pure bliss then back to hair pulling all rolled into a nice little ball, that eventually unravels and sucks us all back in again. I love it. 

So last night my oldest and I had a not so pretty moment where I lost my marbles and luckily my husband was there to intervene. Not one of my proudest moments. And here’s the beauty of it all. The f ups don’t last forever. For every horror story there are some utterly amazing experiences. 

This was my favorite from last night…. 

Husband went to have dinner with the guys and I thought it brilliant to do my 30 minute workout because they were both fed and well because I love a challenge.

It was a Pilates workout and somewhere towards the last 10 minutes I had to do a pose that I believe was called bird cage or bird dog haha (for the life of me I can’t remember now) and then another called fire hydrant (yep as in what a dog does when he sees a fire hydrant). So basically during both exercises, which were of course back to back, I had to be on all fours. 

Well it turns out I looked a lot like a tunnel because next thing I know my two girls are going in and out of my human shaped tunnel and laughing so much it got me cracking up too. 

Now that’s the kind of stuff parenting is made of and that I thank God he made happen and suckered me into. 


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