Life · Motherhood

Stir within my soul 


I had an early morning walk today with a friend I care a lot about. After our walk that expression that you never know the burden someone else is carrying, so always be kind, came to my mind and held so true to me in that moment. A rush of feelings came flooding in. I saw things in such a different way. 

In the last year I have found myself on a handful of occasions walking our lake in the company of a friend and in a moment of shared raw honesty thinking to myself – God is speaking to me through this friend’s words. 

As a mother I have found that there are things that we sometimes keep to ourselves for fear of being rejected or judged and it’s truly a blessing when you find yourself in the prescence of someone who won’t and knowing that you will also reciprocate. 

Today I didn’t just look at things but I saw, and it was a revelation. 


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