It’s finally here again!

There is so much to love about this month!! 

For starters it’s my birth month, woohoo!  I get to ask my mom for my favorite meal for my birthday. I haven’t decided yet but it’s either going to be a delicious Mexican dish known as molé or Tortas de pollo in green sauce. My sis in law just made the tortas de pollo for my brother’s birthday. Check out the deliciousness… 

Plus there’s tons of other special celebrations this month. 
February 28th will be the TEN YEAR anniversary of the day my husband asked for my phone number! TEN YEARS!! I still remember so clearly how it happened. I was finishing up a private dance lesson at the dance studio where he took group lessons, and as I was walking out and said good night to him and the sweet receptionist I walked out the door and seconds later I heard him call my name. Best moment ever! We talked and he asked for my number. I still beam at that memory. 

This month my nephew turns TEN and my parents will be celebrating their 42nd wedding anniversary. They’ve gone through their share of very difficult times and continue to stick together. For better or worse. 

There’s Valentine’s Day of course… love, friendship, the color red and heart shaped things everywhere! And then there’s the birth stone Amethyst, which happens to be my favorite color. 

And it usually rains during this month which I love because that means I will find a day I can just cuddle up, drink some tea and maybe even watch a movie. 

I LOVE February! 


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