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All the many little moments that equate to so much goodness 

I feel like I might explode from all the goodness that filled my heart today. I saw my entire day from a lense of gratitude, and God’s love and reminder that life is truly beautiful in the good and the difficult. 

Celeste had her very first homecoming parade at school to cheer on the football team and the homecoming court. I may have been more giddy than her because I was reminded of a beautiful story of how God works in such amazing ways. 

You see what was also so special about the parade was that it reminded me of my HS days. I knew nothing about football (I still don’t – except for touchdown) and a friend of mine had a crush on one of the players so she would drag me to the games. I had no clue what was going on down there. But, when the band suddenly came in and the music started I came alive. Now that was more my language. I LOVED hearing the band. And little did I know sitting up in those bleachers that down on the field playing the drums was my future husband. That God had a plan and 14 years later he would come into my life. I mean isn’t that just amazing?! I had no idea. And remembering that just made me so happy. 

I also had my MOPS (mother’s of preschoolers) time together and after the speaker gave her presentation, the other ladies and I at the table had some great connection time. Especially when it came time for prayer requests because we were able to get vulnerable and share areas where we needed extra prayer. 

And lastly I went to my Momastery Live event where Glennon Doyle Melton spoke. I loved her book Carry On Warrior and I’m excited to read her new one. So this night was big because I went by myself which meant stepping out of my comfort zone. Because I get a bit of social anxiety in large gatherings where I’m showing up not knowing a single person. It was great though and I had a wonderful time. 

So as I sit here finishing this up so I can sleep I just want to say how thankful I am for the way God designed me to be able to live these moments. It’s a great reminder that nothing is permanent and to enjoy the present moment. 


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