Make today your best today possible

I told my husband yesterday that I needed a good book. He handed me Dale Carnegie’s book How To Stop Worrying and Start Living.

The thing about picking up a good book is that you may find yourself desiring to build the best possible version of yourself.

It is very possible to feel moved and inspired and like something in you switches on just within the first few pages of reading a book like this.

I often find myself in awe when I’m reading a book that does this to me. I wonder how it’s possible this writer was gifted with the right words to convey their message to so many readers. To touch and change lives across the world with his/her writing.

So of course this morning the lingering topic on my mind became how can I feel more useful in a way that isn’t connected to my role as a mother. I know that is the biggest and most important role I will ever have. I still find I need that answered on a different level. I found myself talking with my cousin and just sharing that I feel this deep desire inside to have a hobby or to share something of myself that I know is in God’s plan for me. For growth and inspiration. But I don’t know yet what it is.

And so what stood out from what I read was, that the best way to plan and succeed for tomorrow is simply to make today, the present, the best possible it can be. Without worrying about the past that can’t be undone or the future that is yet to come.

So while I find the answer to that burning internal desire, I will attempt to maintain my focus on making today the best possible today I can create.


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