CSULB - My College Experience

I’ve been inspired “Not One, But Two……”

Not One, But Two……. A few days ago I read a most inspiring post from my fellow blogger Kathy Plashley, I hope you’ll take the time to read her post at the above link. Her post reminded me of how when you follow God’s path he truly does work in such amazing ways. As some of… Continue reading I’ve been inspired “Not One, But Two……”

CSULB - My College Experience

Graduation Is Closer Than I Expected

I was about to start some homework and remembered I hadn’t posted yet today. I got some really exciting news at school after visiting my advisor, I found out that if I stay on track with four classes per semester I could possibly graduate in Spring 2012! It’s so awesome to think that graduation day is… Continue reading Graduation Is Closer Than I Expected

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Fear of Success & Transformation

Could fear of success & transformation been one of the reasons behind some of the bad choices I made at my Community College during my early 20s? According to one of my homework assignments it’s quite possible. Last night I was doing some reading for my Race, Class, Gender course and one of the articles made me… Continue reading Fear of Success & Transformation

CSULB - My College Experience

First Impressions and Unexpected Changes – CSULB

I’m beginning to feel the tiring effects of my first day of school and wanted to get this jotted down before I lose my momentum. My first day of classes at CSULB was (for the most part) splendid! Before I continue though I should probably start off by stating that I’m a Sociology major. I love learning about people and the effects of our… Continue reading First Impressions and Unexpected Changes – CSULB