Today is a beautiful day!  I feel this great positive energy beaming inside me and radiating out and I know good things will come. 

I love family time, and last night was so special and fun.  My parents, grandma, brother, sister in law, niece, nephew, and I all went to see the Christmas decorations in Fountain Valley.  We were so lucky that the rain stopped and were able to walk a few blocks and enjoy the beautiful decorations from all the homes.  After that we were all a bit hungry and my brother treated us to dinner at Guadalajara taqueria.   It was so nice to enjoy their company and laugh and share stories.  This year is especially significant because My brother and family had lived in Austin, TX for six years and they moved back to CA in May so it’s our first Christmas together again.  I couldn’t have wished for anything better this year.  I can’t wait to have our Christmas dinner and see everyone’s excitement in opening their gifts, especially my niece & nephew.  It warms my heart when all of us are together.  This is also the first time in a few years that my husband will be off from work from the 23rd – 26th and I’m extra excited for that.   We’re starting off the family fun tonight with a get together at our home with my husband’s family and watching a movie.   And this is why today I am beaming, because I thank God for each and every one of our blessings.  I know that nothing is permanent, and because of that, I want to enjoy and cherish each moment.      

And then we have our little bulldog 🙂  My husband and I rescued an Olde English Bulldog from Southern California Bulldog Rescue (SCBR) last year, 12-10-09, his name is Biggie and he’s 2 years old.  We absolutely adore him, we don’t have children of our own yet so he’s our little boy.  Just thinking about him makes me giggle when I remember his funny antics and then when I picture his adorable little face I can’t help but get this huge smile on my face. 

Well, it’s time to get to work and spread some good cheer.  A blessed and happy day for you!  Xoxoxo


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