Farewell 2010

There’s a different feeling in the air today, like a good friend that’s leaving you after being by your side during happy times and seeing you through tough ones, and introducing you to someone new.   

As I reflect on all the different things that happened this year I’m so thankful to God for all our blessings, and in hindsight I can appreciate the little bumps along the way and realize now that those too were blessings in disguise and experiences that helped me become a better person and be a little bit more patient and understanding.  Some people say we shouldn’t hold on to the past because it can put limits on us, and I agree to some degree, but I also feel that our past helps us to understand who we are and challenges us to grow.  I will remember 2010 with fondness because I learned so much about myself, about my marriage, and my family.  I won’t get all mushy here, except to say that I am very happy and thankful.  I also realized that we can try and plan all we want, but God always has his own path for us, and I know that my love and faith in Him helps me appreciate where I’m at and not be afraid of where I’m heading.  So I look towards tomorrow with excitement and hope for what new challenges and surprises may come.

A very Happy New Year to everyone, be safe and smart!


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