Today has been a bit overwhelming. Between phone calls, deadlines, emails, and just little unexpected things that come up at work, and with personal stuff too, I’m feeling a little bit anxious and rushed. I know writing right now might set me back a little bit but honestly I need the little breather to regain focus and energy. I need a distraction. 

As I was driving home for lunch I was wondering if I’d be able to get in some “calm” time and then God sent me a happy moment. I happened to be approaching our street just as my husband was leaving to go on his bike ride and I instantly got this huge smile on my face as we both waved to each other. That moment instantly made my day and made me forget any rush I had been feeling. I know this may sound crazy or mushy or too lovey dovey for some but one of the things that instantly makes me feel at peace and like all is well in my world is when I see my husband. I can’t help it, it just happens, and before I know it I get this huge smile on my face. I guess some people would say it’s the honeymoon phase but I don’t think it’s just that. We’ve been together almost 5 years, and of those five years we’ve been married 1 yr and 7 months and I swear that whenever I feel like my world is upside down and I come home and see my husband, or if we see each other during lunch, this sense of calm and happiness just comes over me. I don’t think this is a honeymoon phase I think it’s much deeper than that, that it’s because of our love for each other and knowing that that person is there for you, no matter whatness.    

I just needed this moment, this distraction, to not let the overwhelming feelings get the best of me. This is why I love writing because when I write, especially when I’m feeling overwhelmed or frustrated, usually new positive thoughts and feelings come to mind and they don’t allow the previous feelings to get the best of me. Writing helps me put things in perspective. I love having this outlet and as I’m bringing this to a close I don’t feel nearly as ovewhelmed as I did earlier.


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