Sunday funday 

Today was all kinds of fabulous fun! 

At the top of the list is that my beautiful mom turned 60 today and we started her special day by participating in Orange County Walk United at Angel Stadium. The place where I work at was one of the many organizations that got a team together to walk UNITED and help raise money to continue to make a positive change in the community. As you can see from the photos we had a blast! 

Here I am with my Mama! I know, we look like sisters right?!  

For the first part of the morning Celeste was rather cranky and refused to take pictures, as evidenced in this picture with my friend/co worker and her niece. 


But by the end of the event she warmed up and we got this shot of the four of us 


After that the girls and I got to spend some time celebrating with my mom (thank you sweetie). 


Once we got home the party really got started, even Biggie couldn’t resist dressing up for the occasion as we danced around the living room.  


I love all these moments that God allows us to enjoy. He’s amazing in all that he provides to us and lets us experience. 

After so much fun I am ready to pass out! I may not even remember in the morning all that I wrote here. Good night! 



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