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Somewhere between pulling my hair and blissful 


Is it kind of totally twisted that I found this quote quite funny? But really, how else can you survive some of the crazy parenting moments if not with a good sense of humor? 

So, yes, there are moments where I have total bliss and harmony with my two girls. When all things are running smoothly and it’s seriously like an out of body experience where I look around and think, wow. I can do this! Or “damn, I’m good!” 

Then there are those times when I feel I’m going to fly off the handle and I pray (a lot) and think to myself, breathe, calm down, breathe. Sometimes it works, often it doesn’t. 

Like when our toddler decides writing on paper is so yesterday. How about we redesign mama and papa’s comforter with some black pen lines? Lovely. 

So yes there are moments when I think I need a little voice constantly reminding me to calm down. But the cool thing is more often than not I’m sort of just totally in love and totally in bliss with mommyhood. 

It’s a fine line though. 


4 thoughts on “Somewhere between pulling my hair and blissful 

  1. I had to smile as I read this… I can definitely relate! Though I must admit, certain weeks I am less in love with mommyhood than I care to admit 😉 and no amount of bible reading or prayer really takes that negativity away. It’s after the phase has passed that I realize I only managed to scrape by with the helping hand of God. Thanks for being real! 🙂

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    1. You are not alone, I can relate to the less in love and it’s a very hard thing to admit to oneself, let alone someone else. I appreciate your honesty about it! During those times is when I really try to tell myself it’s ok and not beat myself up over the thought. Thank you for also being real and sharing!

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