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Motherhood: I Owned It Today 

I think two things helped make today a fabulous Friday: fueling myself and community. 

I was dreading getting out of bed this morning when my alarm went off because the night before I’d made a bad decision and stayed up late. I wanted to just hit snooze but then as I slowly remembered the commitment to my workout, I made myself get up.

Needless to say my workout kicked my butt; despite that though, I felt awake  and ready to go on with my day. 
Work was productive and most important I felt energized. I got off from work around 12:40pm And then when I made it home with the girls, since Elysse was asleep, I decided to go outside with Celeste to play. 

As luck would have it we ran into some of our neighborhood friends’ kids and they came over to play outside with Celeste. 

Next thing you know a play party is going on. In between diaper changes, watching the kids, cutting up food for them, getting them water, and really just plain running around or back and forth, I never once lost my cool. Because if I’m being honest here, I will say that nothing has tried my patience and tested my frustration level like being a parent.  

And here’s the thing. I also got to see two of my lovely mommy friends and one of our dear neighbor’s that I hadn’t seen in a few weeks or months. Speaking with them and laughing and sharing about life and motherhood was just what I needed emotionally. And then as the pizza came and went and it came time for cleanup and then bath time, I still continued to feel fantastic, even though I had been up since 5:40 am. 

And as the girls were winding down and the sun began to set, I thought, wow today was pretty damn fantastic! I owned being a mom today. 

I owned it because I never felt out of control or exhausted. Or like “bloody bleep, 8:00pm (bed time prep) couldn’t come fast enough!” Amidst all the kids and requests I was genuinely having a great time and enjoying myself. 

I think that fabulous feeling came from knowing I had worked out and done something for myself. And also that I had seen my friends. Because connecting and building a bond is so much better. It’s harder but it’s so worth building community and opening up ourselves and our deeper insides. I felt great because I wasn’t fueling from an empty cup. 

And so now as I feel the exhaustion weighing heavy on my eyelids, I am thankful for the opportunity I had to have such a great day. Because today I owned motherhood. 


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