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When you meet that special someone 

Nine years ago on this exact date, February 28th, I had just finished one of my usual dance lessons at Londance Studio in Santa Ana. As I was walking toward the front lobby to exit I saw “handsome guy” talking with the nice lady at the front desk and I smiled and said good night. I walked through the door and as I heard it close behind me and then open, I will always remember how wonderful it felt to hear handsome guy call out my name as he stopped me so that we could chat. That night handsome guy asked for my number and my life changed forever. 

Yes, handsome guy is now my husband, best friend, lover, and loving father to our two daughters. The night of February 28, 2006 when he stopped to chat with me began a beautiful thread of moments that neither one of us expected. We didn’t know it of course at the time, what would come of that conversation and exchanging phone numbers. 

It’s a wonderful  thing when God brings two people together to begin a new beautiful tapestry together. 

A few months prior I had finally ended a very long relationship, and there I was, a girl stepping out of her comfort zone and signing up for private and group dance lessons. My husband had started at the studio taking lessons there with his girlfriend and when he broke up with her he continued to go to the group classes. A great way to meet young ladies, and little did he imagine, his future wife! 

So today is extra special because I like to think of it as the day that started it all, this blessed life that I now get to call my marriage and family. In all its beautiful and frustrating moments, it is my blessed life. 

God truly works in marvelous and mysterious ways. 


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